How to restart traveling after Covid-19

It's been three years since our latest air travel and since the pandemic hit!

We're itching to get out and explore again. We've daydreamed about all the places we want to visit and we feel like it's finally time to start traveling again.


23rd September 2022

We thought Broome is a nice place to kick things off! We can't wait to see all the amazing places out here and we know there are so many wonderful things to discover!


When in Broome

We stayed at Oaks Cable Beach and immediately explored the local pub food and a sip of Broome's finest ginger beer - Matso's!


... on a side note, they've discovered the magic of polaroid!

Another tourist was enjoying to watch us collaborate to achieve this shot! Photo by Ading Toto #instax #polaroid

at the Markets

24th September 2022

We started our day by visiting the local market. We walked around, taking in the sights and sounds of the vibrant marketplace. The smells of fresh produce and cooked food filled the air, and the colourful displays of artwork and craft were a feast for the eyes. The people were warm and friendly, and we felt right at home.

a Local Artist!

We were strolling through the market when we came across a local artist. He was carving a barramundi onto a cocoa pod. We stopped to appreciate how beautiful his work was. It was so intricate and lifelike that we couldn't believe it! It was a really amazing experience.

... and the quest for dinosaur footprints begin

Why does Broome have so many spots for dinosaur footprints? I don't know. But it's definitely a great place to visit if you're interested in prehistoric animals.

There are several theories about why Broome has so many spots for dinosaur footprints. Some say that the area was once a hotbed for prehistoric activity. Others believe that the climate and geography were perfect for preserving these ancient prints.

Whatever the reason, Broome is definitely a unique place to visit. And who knows? Maybe you'll be the one to discover the next clue to solving this mystery.

... shadow & clay

kids being kids ;)

Creatives on their own! Photo by Ading Toto #gantheaumepoint #heartshadow #playtime

at Gantheaume Point

This is one of the locations that you have to capture. The colours are so vibrant and the details are incomparable. It's a must-see for anyone visiting the area.

Who can't resist capturing the sun?! The flare and the scene are just amazing and the wind blows so gently. It's such a peaceful moment.

My girl has amazing skills! With my guide, she captured a great shot of the sunset and us :D Photo by Ate Vee #gantheaumepoint #sunset

experience fine dining

Fine dining at Bali Hai Restaurant is the perfect way to end a busy day exploring everything this beautiful paradise has to offer. After a long day of exciting adventures, what could be better than relaxing with a delicious meal in an elegant setting?

End your perfect day in Broome with a sumptuous feast fit for royalty at Bali Hai Restaurant. With its lovely location and exquisite cuisine, this fine dining establishment is sure to please even the most discerning traveler. So come thirsty and hungry, and leave completely satisfied.

It's Sunday.

25th September 2022

We take the time to visit the local Catholic church and offer our respect to the community.

It's always interesting to explore new places and learn about different cultures, and visiting the local church is a great way to do that.

Hungry on the go?

If you find yourself driving through town and looking for a delicious breakfast, the Good Cartel is the perfect spot. They have a great selection of breakfast items that will satisfy your hunger. Plus, their drive thru service is quick and easy. So if you're in a rush, the Good Cartel is the best place to go.

Lousy Sunday

There's nothing like spending an afternoon by the pool with a refreshing Long Island Iced Tea in hand. It's the best way to relax and escape the summer heat.

Sit back, enjoy the view, and let all your worries float away.

Local Music Festival

We're in luck! A local music festival is on as we enjoy listening to the local talents. This is a great chance to discover new music to enjoy. We're excited to be able to experience the local music scene!

a brief visit to Town Beach & Playground

Just before the sun dips below the horizon, beams of light start to pierced through the sky. These beams are called crepuscular rays and they travel across the sky at twilight.

These sunbeams always fascinates me and I can't help but be drawn to their beauty!


Sunset at Cable Beach

is one of the scenic moments you add to your bucket list. The sun slowly sets over the horizon, painting the sky in a spectrum of oranges, pinks, and purples.

The soft waves crash against the shore, creating a peaceful ambiance. As you sit and watch the stunning display unfold before your eyes, you can't help but feel thankful for this moment.

#sunset #cablebeach

A Vast Red Soil & Sand

26th September 2022

Nope, we're not in Mars!

Broome has vast red landscape. Upon closer inspection, this sea of red is actually red soil. The vibrant hue is due to the high iron oxide content in the soil. This abundance of red soil makes Broome a unique and beautiful place.

The contrasting colours of the red sand and vibrant turquoise beach are amazing. The contrast is so striking and the colours are so beautiful. It's amazing how two such different colours can exists side by side and complement each other so well.

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A brief trip to bird sanctuary

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Camel Ride

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