28th DECEMBER 2022

Flight to Fiji

After a good night's rest, we had an early start for our trip to Fiji. We witnessed a delightful display of sunrise at the airport viewing deck.

Welcome to paradise...

After our 3.5 hours flight from New Zealand, we landed in Fiji and checked-in to our slice of paradise,

29th December 2022

Pamper Day

Swim, mani/pedi, massage, dine, and endless entertainment from local talents!

Minor Wound & Cut

Well, it can happen especially if the there are broken tiles in the pool! Kids are always kids and having a broken tile in the pool is just frustrating. I could only hope this cut won't develop an infection.

30th December 2022

Exploring Denarau through Bula Bus

I haven't had a chance to take photo of the Bula Bus but this hop-on/hop-off service only drives you around the Denarau Island. The weather was very humid. The girls get very uncomfortable exploring especially to this kind of weather. So we just went to the Marina and sampled authentic Fijian food, what else!

Two of my faves are the Kokoda partnered with Spiced Coconut Cooler cocktail ;) We also sampled the Kovu.

A taste of Fijian Food

While oysters are one of our go-to food, and the reason we chose to give this resto a go -- but unfortunately the size and colour of this mollusk discouraged my appetite for it!

... look at her smile!

It is true when they said that the best things in life are free! Just look at her smile when this simple activity of lighting one of the torches excited her. I should be looking for more of this sort of things to do -- no cost for me and keeps her excited... it's a win win!

31st DECEMBER 2022

New Year's Eve

It's a date to remember! A night with dancing, fresh food, seafood bugs, and liquid gold... then watch fireworks with the family!


1st January 2023

We were supposed to visit the South Sea Island but the weather in Fiji at this time was extremely wet, wild, and windy! So decided to stay safe and skipped the island hopping.

We just went back to the hotel, swam under the rain, then went out for a Lobster Feast at the Sail Restaurant. Oh my goodness the seafood and lobster platter was amazing!

What a way to start the new year :)

02 JANuary 2023

Meet & Greet - Wedding Bells!

A pretty chill day and met our lovely bride-to-be soon to be wed here in Fiji ;)

3rd January 2023


We are homeward bound, with a quick pit stop in the cosmopolitan city of Melbourne! We decided to get a feel of the apartment life and chose a unit in Docklands... so far, the view were magnificent from our view at night.

4th January 2022

Serious Stuff

Ok! so woke up to this gloomy weather and took the time to learn to use a new toy :D

Exploring even when raining

We wanted to explore the surrounds despite the wet weather. We took the wrong turn at the Free Tram Zone...then a better way to warm the tummy was hot Korean soup!

The Old & New

... at this moment, I fell in love with Melbourne!

5th JANUARY 2023

playtime is almost over!

Drove up north for a photoshoot... but in the mean time I was again in awe of the city views :)

While I personally feel that I think I can drive in Melbourne, I have to admit the roads are amazingly wide and intimidating....


After the photoshoot, we checked out this creative 3D artwork!


I missed Okonomiyaki... but not really fun when I have to pan fry my own "food order" after a long photoshoot day and having lunch after 3 in the afternoon!!! :D

Lume features Monet & Friends

... was so unsatisfactory display of art! I am sorry but this experience was such a disappointment not only to me but most especially to the girls. I just can't convince the girls to not compare with our Japan Digital Art experience

... cont'd from previous blog

I chose to split our Oceania Adventure as it was already becoming lengthy. Click on the link below and check out our Sydney & New Zealand experiences.