Airline Curfew?!

16th Dec 2022

While this airline law has been around for awhile, this was the first time I experienced the inconvenience of a flight being cancelled due to an airline curfew. The front desk understood how frustrating this was and gave us a sliver of hope if you chose to wait for updates on rebooking, although they did emphasise 'no guarantee'.

I overheard a family being allocated as priority for the next available flight due to having a baby and needing to catch a connecting flight, so I also pondered and reconsidered whether we should stay and test our chances. After receiving a flight status update that we had been rebooked the next day, which was about an 18-hour delay from our original arrival time, we eventually decided to go back home and rest. The funny thing was that the next day, I spotted the same family listed as priority, catching the same flight.

Up, Up, and Away

17th Dec 2022

The next day, we finally boarded and arrived safely for our first leg of our Oceania travel.

First Stop - SYDNEY

Our dear friend showed us the extent of their hospitality, picked us up at the airport and prepared a home-cooked dinner for us! xoxo

We drove to our airbnb place in Mosman Point which was quiet and nice area. We initially wanted to have breakfast at a nearby Balmoral Beach cafe although the weather was not pleasant. We'll visit the surround next time since it rained all morning!

18th Dec 2022

We took an uber to the city then I had a very special sip of this sparkling water whilst window shopping hahaha!!

Experiencing Bennelong at Sydney Opera House

It was a last minute decision to reserve a table at Bennelong for a Sunday Jazz. A fusion of sensory and taste from the creative talents of Chef Peter Gilmore and sought-after Jazz rising star and accompanists!

Luckily we got in considering this was a very limited experience when by chance an available space came up. Gladly, we were on a waiting list.

This was one of a kind moment for us :)

Exploring Circular Quay

Very Wet & Cold Summer at Bondi Beach

We feel super grateful with our dear friends who graciously spent the afternoon until evening with us and shared their family time with us xoxo

Exploring the local scene in Balmoral Beach, Mosman

19th Dec 2022

We went for a quick stroll around the beach area and grabbed a healthy brekky. We explored amazing views, funky street names and very steep roads :D

Chinatown in Sydney

We also checked out this busy spot then dad dragged us around and spent the rest of the afternoon looking for the best deal forex money changer hahaha!

Second Stop - New Zealand

Whilst at the International Airport check-in, I have been swabbed, selected for random checks, got asked to repeat scan, went through another electronic full body scan, then another counter exam by an officer --- i think my colour choices were too attractive lol!!

Nice Welcome Art in Auckland New Zealand!

Auckland New Zealand

20th Dec 2022

Just random stuff whilst in Auckland CBD yay!

Night Scene

We chanced upon this comedy bar called Ding Dong!! We enjoyed the vibe, varied talents and mixed crowd ;)

It's Avatar Day!

21st Dec 2022

Walked around the CBD and watched Avatar 2.

Ferry ride to Waiheke Island

22nd Dec 2022

Imagine Rottnest and Swan Valley combined -- indulgent tasting but without the furry friends in an island !

23rd December 2022


We are big fans of all WETA creative work and that's why we are totally geeking out with this experience!

... i wish i can keep this collection!

After checking out at the Holiday Inn Hotel, we quickly glanced at the Sky Tower but we weren't really interested to go in. So instead we had a quick bite at an All-Canadian inspired cafe. Here's a photo of their famous poutine! ;P -- We also had this before back in 2018 whilst we were in Montreal!

Third Stop - ROTORUA

Then, we drove a rental car on to our next stay down south -- Rotorua was a 3-hour drive southeast of Auckland. First the weather was lovely but as soon as we were near our destination, it started to rain.

24th December 2022


We checked out this secret spot in Rotorua :D

Hobbiton Movie Set Tour

Finally! ... more geeking out going on here :)


Yakitori Time

It's almost Christmas!

25th December 2022

A Child is Born!

Merry Christmas to all! In our own simple way, we were giving meaning how we celebrate the birth of our baby Jesus by visiting the town of Bethlehem and say a little pray'r....


More Adventure Awaits

I wasn't really into heights and scared of karting but I had to do this for the team :D

Rotorua City Centre & Geyser

When we first arrived here, I thought the smell in the air was very unusual -- my girls described it as rotten egg! Well regardless of how funky the breeze smells, i certainly enjoyed the vibe ! I also consider these spots as wedding location shoot worthy :D

Tauranga & Papamoa Beach

A short 45-min drive from Rotorua is a coastal town Tauranga. We checked out the local beach but since it was Public Holiday, most of the shops were closed :)

Opening of Pressies!

Actually, this was first in the agenda of the day ;) The girls have been patiently waiting until the morning of Christmas Day to open their gifts. Big thank you to all our family and friends for remembering our girls x

26th December 2022

Mud spa, anyone?

So the locals claim there is a healing or soothing property from soaking your body into their mud? Whatever it does to our skin, I don't mind the experience. It's just that one of my girls described the experience as making her feel like Peppa Pig!

The MITAI Tribe - A Maori Village Experience

We were immersed into one of the Maori Villages with the Mitai tribe by enjoying a feast of their traditional ground cooked hangi meal; witnessed the warriors paddling their war canoe aka waka.

We were also graced with their cultural performances then after we explored their village and sacred spring. We were also enchanted with the display of glow worms throughout the walk.

27th December 2022

Hamilton, New Zealand

We drove back to Auckland, and on the way we stopped by at Hamilton to visit the Queens Garden and Museum.

Bound for Fiji

Here are some photo along the road on our way to the airport. Checked in at the hotel airport for a night and had some quiet time enjoying the view from our hotel room for sunset and airplanes taking off.

... continued to Fiji

I have decided to split this blog as it has become quite lengthy already. Feel free to click on the link below for our dedicated adventure in Fiji!